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 The Inca Trail::

Join us to hike the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. The Inca Trail is one of the most spectacular walks in the Americas -- unlike any hiking experience you have ever had. 

The Lost City of the Incas, Machu Picchu, is thought to have been constructed by the great Inca ruler, Pachacuti, sometime during 15th century.  The Spanish conquistadors never found the site and it was discovered in 1911 by a Yale professor, Hiram Bingham.

In 1915, Professor Bingham set out in search for an Inca highway which would lead back to Cusco and found what is now known as the Inca Trail. 

You can experience the thrill of hiking the Inca Trail as it winds through the Andes, passing other Inca ruins before descending through the Sun Gate into the Lost City of the Incas.

Expedition Details

   Equipment You Need to Bring: Comfortable hiking boots, waterproof jacket, fleece jacket, camera, water bottle, day pack and sleeping bag. Click here for complete list.

    Meals: All meals are included while on the Inca Trail and will be prepared for you by our excellent trail chef.

   Camping: We will be camping in style each night we are on the trail with toilet facilities provided.

   Porters:   Except for your day pack, porters will be carrying your gear between camps.  On our expeditions, we maintain a high ratio of porters to hikers -- insuring that our porters are not overloaded. Usually 2 porters for every person.

   Difficulty of Hike:  The Inca Trail is not a technical route, however, the difficulty is mainly from the repeated steep ascents and descents and from the high altitude.  You need to be physically fit.

   Elevations: We will be at high elevations.  Cusco is at 11,400 feet and Machu Picchu is at 8,000 feet.  One of the mountain passes on the trail takes you up to 13,800 feet.

Photography::   Hiking Boots::   Physical Condition::
Bring extra batteries and film or digital storage devices. You will take more photos than you expect!  Due to the high altitude, your should bring a UV/skylight filter.
  We strongly recommend comfortable footwear  that gives good traction and which supports the ankle. You will be walking all day.
Lightweight boots with good ankle support are recommended.
  This hike is not suitable for those who suffer from a respiratory or circulatory disorders or who have disabilities that limit their mobility.

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